We offer full services in residential buildings as well as personal homes.

Below are a few of our completed projects.

The Cassandra

The Cassandra was a 16,000 SQ Ft. Residential ground up project which was completed in eight months. The front fascia was kept in place with an eight foot extension to loft upper ceiling height. Rear was removed to accommodate new floor plan and basement foundation. Cassandra is now a Twelve unit two bedroom condo complex with all luxury amenities.

The Angelina

The Angelina is a 18,000 SQ Ft residential full gut project was completed in nine months. The four exterior wall were supported and interior was fully removed including the roof. Five feet of dirt was removes in the basement, underpinned entire building foundation with new concrete slab. Exterior wall were raised six feet to accommodate eleven foot ceilings for all 11 two bedroom units. Four unit on upper level have twelve foot ceilings.


610 was a 4,00 SQ FT ground up Chesapeake bay waterfront home which was completed in six months. Interior work performed in luxury amenities. Installation of gourmet kitchen and Italian marble bathroom.

The Cape

The Cape was a foundation up project completed in four months. The front brick fascia and foundation wall were left existing. The addition in rear is new with renovations. The home was 1,200 SQ Ft one level rambler with half basement as dirt. It now is two levels with a loft and separate basement unit apartment. We added roughly 1,000 SQ Ft to the home.